Frequently Asked Questions

10:45am - 10:00pm Daily

  • Click on MY ACCOUNT.
  • Enter your address to find all of your favorite local restaurants available for delivery. If the restaurant is unavailable for “asap” delivery you may need to modify the delivery time to 11am or later.
  • Select the items you want delivered.
  • After ordering all of the items you need click CHECKOUT.
  • Select a payment method (Cash, All Major Credit Cards, Business Check, Corporate Account and UWSP PointCard).
  • Click PLACE ORDER. 
You bet it is! All credit cards are processed through Blue Pay.
If you received an email confirmation, we received your order! 
We Deliver to:

Southaven/Olive Branch Zone

*MS - Southaven, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Nesbit, Hernando, and Walls.
*TN - South Memphis -  South of the 240 loop in Memphis for Catering/Office Orders.

*Restrictions apply
To talk to us about a possible out-of-zone delivery, please contact us at to make special arrangements and see if we can deliver to your area. In many cases within reasonable distances it is possible for us to deliver having met the following requirements:

  • $100 Minimum Order
  • 24 Hours or more Advanced Notice
  • Delivery Fee will be considered based on distance starting at a $20 minimum.

WE ACCEPT CASH OR CREDIT ONLY. An 18% Gratuity is suggested but not mandatory.
We are continuously expanding our service area. Depending on the order amount, exact location, and how much notice we are given, we may be able to serve you. Any deliveries outside of the service area will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Depending on volume, your order will be delivered in 40 to 70 minutes.  You may keep up with the progress of your order through "My Account" or by selecting to receive notifications sent to ou by text message or email.  If you need to receive your order at a specific time, please hoose a future date to schedule an advanced order.  Delivery Times are just an estimate, not a guarantee.  Keep in mind traffic, bad weather, trains, road construction, and the restaurant's ability to prepare food (restaurant load). Delays are not a reason to cancel/not pay.  

If you would like a receipt of your order emailed to you, please choose "Email Notifications" in your account settings.
Orders over 100 dollars will have a minimum 10% gratuity applied not to exceed $50.

Delivery fees start at $3.99 for online orders per restaurant. The fee could range from 3.99 for short deliveries up to 12.99 for a delivery location that is 15-20 miles distance from the restaurant you choose to your delivery address. A 15%- 20% gratuity for your driver is suggested on all orders.

Please enter exact address and add 1 item to see accurate delivery fee.

Please keep in mind our drivers have the right to refuse any order as independent contractors and work for tips, a no-tip order may persuade an independent contractor not to accept the order. Tipping is not mandatory, but appreciated upon satisfactory and professional services being provided. If you feel that your order is not satisfactory please contact our dispatch team at
This means that you are located further from the restaurant. City-Spree doesn't want to limit your restaurant options, so we offer delivery from restaurants as far as 20 miles away, in some cases. However, as the further the restaurant, the higher the delivery fees and the longer the wait time will be.
  • For Restaurant Deliveries
  • $3.99 - 0-4 miles
  • $4.99 - 4-6 miles
  • $5.99 - 6-8 miles
  • $6.99 - 8-10 miles
  • $9.99 - 10-15 miles
  • $12.99 - 15-20 miles
  • If you live over 20 miles from the restaurant of your choice, please contact us at to see if we can deliver with increased fees and food minimums. 
If your choice of payment method is credit card, City-Spree obtains an 'Authorization Approval' which indicates that the card is valid and usable. At the end of the night, the actual charge is run including any gratuity if you chose to add it to the card. When you cancel an order after the 'Authorization' has been obtained, or if you switch the order from credit card to cash, it can take up to 5-7 business days for the 'Authorization' to be removed and for the funds to be available for your use. If you check your statement online and see the word 'Authorization' or 'Pending' that does not indicate an actual charge was run. City-Spree does not have any control over this process and there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. If you have any questions, please contact your credit card company or bank.
It is the Customer's responsibility to maintain accurate contact information on their account.  Upon arriving for delivery, our driver/dispatch team members will make 2 attempts to contact you. If we are still unable to reach you, the driver will continue on to the next order to maintain customer expectations.  Your Credit Card will be charged.  If order was Cash, you will need to reimburse us this amount before ordering again.  Contact us at to see if your order is at our office.
You may order from as many restaurants as you wish, however, an additional delivery fee will be added for each restaurant Please keep in mind that orders from more than one restaurant may arrive at different times from separate drivers.  Could add 20-30 minutes to your order.
To Guarantee an exact delivery time, orders must be placed at least 1 hour before that desired time. Our average ASAP delivery time is 45 minutes starting when you get your order confirmation to the minute your food arrives.
YES! We recommend placing an Advanced Order to help ensure your desired delivery time. Advanced orders can be placed online hours, days, or weeks before desired delivery time. When starting your order, be sure to select the correct future date and time.  This will allow you to choose a day and time for your delivery. Orders placed days in advance, we will always call 1 day in advance to confirm the order and payment (Credit Card will not be charged until this time).
Sometimes, if we can reach the restaurant before they have started making it, we might be able to adjust the order. Sooner we know, the better the chances.
For orders that are outside of our normal delivery hours, please message us on FB here. We would be pleased to accomodate your delivery needs no matter the day or time!
Absolutely! We submit your order to the restaurant for preparation based on driver availability. This means that your order begins being prepared only when we have a driver on the way to the restaurant to pick it up. Your order goes immediately into a specialized thermal insulated catering bag to keep it hot and fresh, and then it is delivered directly to you.
Our drivers are not allowed to check orders to see if they are correct because of food safety regulations. We make sure that your food is not handled between the time it is packaged at the restaurant until it arrives at your door.
Our drivers use their own vehicles and gas. The gratuity is not included in the delivery fee. They work hard to assure that your meal is delivered to you promptly & professionally. As with all food service wait staff, they rely on tips as their major source of income. Unlike restaurant wait staff, our drivers do not serve multiple tables. They dedicate themselves exclusively to your order. The entire delivery process for our drivers from start to finish can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half if it is a long delivery to a location nowhere near any of our restaurants. If a customer doesn’t tip on an order, the driver may actually lose money on the order when taking into consideration the cost of gas. Most people tip between 15-25% on larger orders and $4-$5 on small orders. If you feel that the service from the driver was unsatisfactory, please contact us at so that we can do our best to address the issue and ensure excellent service on future orders. A 15-20% gratuity is suggested on all orders. Our drivers sincerely appreciate your generous consideration.
You earn 5 points per $1 spent on your food and drink subtotal.
When you reach 2500 points, we add a $5 credit to your account automatically!
Earn Double Points (10 points per $1) by ordering during 2 and 4 pm any day.
We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. Cash is paid to the driver upon delivery. Credit cards are processed on our secure site at the time of your order. Delivery Waiters will check your credit card and Driver's License upon delivery to do our part to protect against identity theft.

Notice - Delivery Waiters carry less than $20 paper money and have zero coin change. We either round up or round down cash orders. Please keep this in mind on Cash Orders. Thank you.
We can provide you with individual 12oz cans of soda, 16.9 oz. bottles of water or 6-packs of sodas. Plastic ware can also be provided at a small charge.
We're sorry, but no. Our participating restaurants still want to serve you in person for those nights out. So save those coupons for a top quality, complete service, dine-in meal.
Your privacy is our primary concern and we will never share your information with any outside person or entity. We store only needed personal information for order completion and direct contact in our secure and private database. Please make note of your password. We can reset it for you - just contact us.
Ask the owner or manager of the restaurant to call CitySpree to sign up for our services!
When our Delivery Waiters deliver food to your door, they will request you verify the food is correct. Please do so. If there are any problems with your order that are noticed after verifying (such as under or overcooked food, unseen ingredient issues), you must contact us within 15 minutes of the order being delivered. We will confirm with the restaurant regarding the mistake. Once we verify with the restaurant that the problem was on their end, we will either coordinate with your self-employed delivery professional to re-deliver the missing/incorrect item, or refund you the amount. If your delivery professional has to re-deliver, you must give the driver the incorrect food. If the incorrect item is not provided or was correct after inspection, you will be charged for both items.  Please email us at
Should you have an issue with your food, we will be happy to speak with the restaurant to assist in a refund. We are contractually obligated to not refund any orders without consent from the restaurant.
Note: All sales are final.

We will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with our service and your meal. We require all participating restaurants to package your meals according to your order. Your CitySpree driver will NOT open the packaging to verify accuracy or preparation of your meal. All of our delivery drivers are fully screened and are fully insured.

Please contact us at with any concerns.
Your order is not placed with the restaurant until we know we have a driver available. We try to time your order so the driver arrives at the restaurant as the meals are coming out of the oven. The driver then checks your order to ensure completeness, packs the meals in our heat insulated bags and then drives to your location. We make every effort to deliver hot, quality meals to your door, however certain items do not travel well and may need to be briefly reheated. Thank you.
Gift cards are available for purchase in the Customer Center navigation menu at the top of the page. For your convenience, you can add one to your order at checkout and your driver will deliver it with your food order. Gift Cards are reloadable. Digital Gift e-Certificates are also available. Send and receive electronic gift certificates from anywhere! Great for:
  • New Parents
  • Mother's & Father's Day
  • Hospital/Medical/Surgery recoveries & MealTrain coordinations
  • House Warmings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • House/Dog Sitting gift/allowance
  • Wedding gifts
  • Thank you gifts
  • Christmas
  • Babysitters
  • and much more!