CitySpree is Locally Owned & Operated

All your hard-earned money stays local and benefits your community. We were founded with the busy person in mind and we know time is American's most important asset. Everyone understands how hectic life can get and at City-Spree we understand that sometimes you can’t be everywhere at once. We are here to provide Southaven & the surrounding areas with quality delivery service. We are your helping hand.  

CitySpree's Value to Customers

CitySpree is the perfect restaurant marketing and delivery service: it's inexpensive and convenient. Our minimum orders and delivery fees differ depending on the area you are in. As the premiere restaurant marketing and delivery service, we coordinate delivery for family meals to corporate catering. All your favorite local restaurants you can count on! Quality restaurant food is delivered just as you would receive it in a restaurant, using latest technological delivery and catering equipment. We pride ourselves on being professional, personal, and efficient and hope that you enjoy our service through the use of our website and our trained Customer Service Agents and your personal Mobile Wait-Staff.

CitySpree offers ideal meal solutions for food delivery to your home, office meeting, hotel, dorm room or sales presentation. Providing the best in both variety, convenience and service. CitySpree is truly your BEST restaurant delivery solution. Coordinating lunch and dinner catering and delivery service, we specialize in feeding any size function; business meeting, party and family meals. We are excited to help your hunger needs and enjoy having the opportunity to serve you, your co-workers, clients, friends and family. Let your Mobile Wait-Staff take care of the hassle of picking up the restaurant foods, saving you time to complete your work and enjoy your guests.

Menus and prices are available online or you can call our dispatch operators with any questions or comments.

CitySpree's Value to Restaurants

We coordinate the delivery of additional incremental sales for every restaurant partner we work with. Our mission is to market your brand by making it more available and convenient to your customers, while increasing your sales and local market presence and advertising.

The Process:

  • We will meet with restaurant owners and managers to fully present our service, collect menus and to answer any questions.
  • Program your menu into our website.
  • Customers will see your menu and place their orders on our website, our apps or through the call center we maintain.
  • You prepare the food as you normally would any other restaurant customer.
  • The mobile waiter will pickup the food, secure it in thermal catering bags and deliver it to the customer.
  • We remit payment to you on a weekly basis, via direct deposit, less our commission for sales processed by CitySpree.

Restaurant Managers and Owners

CitySpree helps restaurants grow by delivering additional incremental sales to your bottom line. We market your menu, promote your establishment, and extend your reach to all of your local and extended markets. . Simply email your contact information to and our Restaurant Relations Manager will be contacting you soon.© is a restaurant marketing and delivery firm that advertises, markets and coordinates delivery and take-out for restaurants. When establishing service with© to coordinate food delivery, you are hiring the services of a self-employed independent contractor.

Are you a restaurant owner interested in partnering with us?

Increase sales! Remember, we advertise for our partners. Let City-Spree deliver for you! Get started today - fill out our restaurant partnership agreement.

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